Frequently Asked Questions

Becoming a Notary FAQ

How many hours are required by the State for a Notary Commission?

The State of Louisiana does not require any hours to become a Notary, simply that you pass the examination. However, most people who do not attend a course find that passing the exam is either very difficult or to next to impossible. This is why our quality course is so beneficial. Our Course teaches you the information you need to pass the test and the type of questions that are asked. This is where DONALDSON and our staff of Notaries will make giving you the greatest chance of passing the first time our highest priority.

We make sure you have only the best materials, only the best instructors, and practice tests that are similar to the test you will take. This is the essence of our Notary 101.

How Do I Register for The Exam?

There is a Registration Form and a process you need to understand. The form is given to you and the process explained in our first class session. This is the session you are allowed to attend for FREE!

Who Do I Register with for the Exam?

In Orleans Parish Only you must register for the exam with the Clerk of Court. In All Other Parishes you must register for the exam with the District Court in that Parish.

When can I take the Exam

The exam is always scheduled to be given on the first Saturday in June, and the first Saturday in December. The Courts at their discretion may schedule exams on other dates. You will have to check with your District Courts for that information.

What if I do not pass the Notary exam on my first attempt?

Unlikely if you follow our “Donaldson System”. However, if you do not pass, you may take the course again without additional payment for up to one year after taking the original course.

Can I get a license before I am 18?

No. Eighteen is the minimum age. You may take the course before you are eighteen in anticipation of taking the test on or after your eighteenth birthday.

How fast can I get a Notary Commission?

From the start of your first class until you have your Notary Commission will take approximately 3-6 months depending on when you start class and when tests are given by the local District Courts.

Are there any programs for home study?

No, we do not offer courses for home study; however, we do give materials for home study in class.