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Donaldson Real Estate School was originally founded in 1974 by our beloved founder, C. Fred Donaldson. His passion was education and fair access to all, a mission we still strive to obtain each and every day. Followed by his son Keith Donaldson in 1980, Donaldson continued to grow as an educational resource in the Louisiana market. Adding professions such as insurance, mortgage, and home inspection to its already popular real estate and appraisal programs showed that Donaldson could maintain its quality and spread its mission to professionals in a wide variety of industries.

As the times have changed, so have we. While the traditional classroom course is still a foundation of our existence as a company, you will find Donaldson at the forefront of learning and educational technology which enhances the student experience every step of the way. From our belief in the total student experience, to the advantages of staying ahead of the curve – you are in the right place if find yourself within a Donaldson program.


To be the leader in professional education business in Louisiana by providing each student the finest instructor possible, the best materials, and service that is second to none.  To teach in a positive and uplifting way so that students will find our education to be motivating and exciting.  To earn a reasonable profit honestly and fairly while being a good corporate citizen.






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Serving as School Director since 2006, Chris Donaldson has a wealth of experience in professional education. Beginning his career as an online learning consultant in 2001, Chris soon began his professional speaking career by instructing real estate pre-license courses in the Baton Rouge market area on a full-time basis. Instructing day courses, night courses and even weekends would prove a valuable experience for Chris as he now understood the learning challenge from both the online and classroom perspectives. His desire to continually improve the classroom experience for both students and instructors alike is a daily mission and attendance at any Donaldson program will display what we like to call “The Donaldson Difference.

In addition to current duties serving Donaldson as it’s sitting President & CEO Chris is available for educational courses, corporate training, and keynote addresses. Despite having a wonderful educational company to continue growing, Chris will always be a teacher at heart. Contact us today to book Chris or to find out more about why we truly believe in the “Donaldson Difference.”