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Donaldson Collection of Contact Information

Donaldson will never sell or distribute your contact information to any third party. Your customer information is safe and keeping it that way is our priority. Any customer contact information, past or present, will be used solely for the purpose of Donaldson Educational Services and its affiliated companies or brands.

Student/Customer Agreement

Due to the nature of Donaldson’s services, any customer or student who registers for or attends any Donaldson class for any purpose agrees to allow Donaldson to contact that customer directly by any method the school deems necessary. Such contact mediums include, but are not limited to: email,phone,direct mail,SMS (text) messaging, social media, and any other mediums deemed sufficient or necessary. By submitting customer or student information to the school the customer agrees to “opt-in” to any and all Donaldson communications.

Donaldson Educational Services General Agreement

If any contact information is submitted by any method to Donaldson Educational Services it is agreed by the submitting party that this information is to be used for communication between the party and Donaldson. Students, customers, and other parties understand that at any time they will always have the option to “opt out” of further Donaldson communications. By creating an account on our website you hereby agree to receive regular communications from Donaldson including special offers or promotions unless the “opt-out” provision is selected.


For questions regarding Donaldson’s privacy policy, please direct your inquiry to email at