Donaldson Digest – Dual Agency Banned and Flood Insurance on the Brink

The Donaldson Digest - News and Notes for Industry Pros   Canada Bans Dual Agency in Real Estate Transactions   On June 15th,  the Real Estate Council of British Columbia banned the practice of “dual agency” (also known as “double ending”) in order to ensure that real estate agents serve their clients without any potential conflicts of interest. In Canada, dual agency means that an agent can represent both the buyer and the seller in the same transaction. However, in the United States, “dual agency” often refers to a transaction involving two agents of the same company, not necessarily one agent representing both sides of the aisle. British Columbia’s Superintendent of Real Estate, Michael Noseworthy, said to Realtor Magazine: “These changes have been designed to reinforce a real estate agent’s duties and obligations to their clients and to ensure that agents are always acting in their client’s best interests. We want to make sure that the advice consumers receive is solely for their benefit and that consumers have confidence that their agent is undoubtedly on their side.” The ban applies [...]

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Donaldson Education Mardi Gras Hours

Donaldson Educational Services Mardi Gras Office Hours 2018: Monday, February 12 (8:00am - 3:30pm) Tuesday, February 13 (CLOSED) Wednesday, February 14 (8:00am - 5:00pm) All websites and online course access to portals such as real estate school online, insurance online courses, and others will remain online and available 24/7/365 as usual.    

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New #OfficeHours Weekly Q&A Show with Chris Donaldson

We Answer Your Real Estate Questions LIVE on the Web with the Premier Episode of #OfficeHours. THE Q&A Show for Real Estate Students Premiers Wednesday, April 6th at 6:30pm (CST) You have questions. We have answers. Join us for #OfficeHours! #Officehours is an all new weekly live webcast hosted by our CEO Chris Donaldson in which he will answer your questions live and on the air in a Q&A style format. If you are taking your real estate course online, at one of our many Donaldson campuses, or even elsewhere around the country - Chris is here to help you pass your real estate exam the first time! Join us LIVE on Wednesday, April 6th at 6:30pm for the first episode of #OfficeHours and let Chris answer your real estate questions. How to Watch: #Office Hours Google+ Event Page #OfficeHours YouTube Stream (Wednesday night, April 6th 6:30pm)   3 Ways you can Submit a Question for #OfficeHours: Email Chris your question to and put #officehours in the title Ask Chris your question on social media and use the hashtag #officehours [...]

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