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Donaldson Guarantee Requirements and Terms

THE “Donaldson Guarantee”

A student that truly wants to pass their exam the first time will find the License Prep Course invaluable. This Course includes:

  1. A Diagnostic Pre-Test Analysis
  2. A License Prep Review Guide
  3. Exam Strategies
  4. National Test Outline and Review
  5. State Test Outline and Review
  6. A Diagnostic Post Test Analysis
  7. Over 500 Practice Questions to take home

Any student that takes and completes the “License Prep Course” and follows the complete “Donaldson System” and fails both sections of the license exam will have the $15 Fee to the LREC and the $85 fee to retake the test paid by Donaldson for up to 2 retakes.  If a student passes one part and fails the other part, Donaldson will pay ½ the retake fee figured at $40.


Terms and Conditions for Refund:

  1.  Complete the entire course within the course schedule: two (2) weeks if a full day class, six (6) weeks if a half-day class, or eight (8) weeks if a night class.  The Donaldson final exam must be passed within one week (7 days) of the scheduled course end date on the student’s attendance record. Missed classes can disqualify student from refund alone.
  2.  Attend the License Prep Course within 4 weeks of completing the pre-license course. Completing the course includes passing the final exam.
  1. Take the state licensing exam within 15 days of completing the License Prep Course.
  2. Sign a sworn statement that student read all course materials a minimum of 3 times (This is done on the Honor System.)
  3. Sign a sworn statement they studied in a library for a minimum of 5 hours the day before the exam.  (This is done on the Honor System.)
  4. Bring by hand delivery or email notice of failure from testing service to Donaldson office within 3 business days of failure.Upon following these terms, a student will be issued a refund via check by our staff within 10 business days.  Failure to follow any of the terms herein disqualifies the student from receiving the refund. No exceptions for any reason.