1. If you are applying for an LSBHI Home Inspection License, you will be required to go through a minimum of 90 hours of classroom education with an LSBHI approved Education Provider.
  2. Pass NHIE Exam
  3. Complete 30 hours of pre-licensing platform training, as well as ten (10) live inspections with an approved in-field trainer
  4. Attend Report Writing Seminar given by LSBHI
  5. Obtain Insurance
  6. Apply with the LSBHI


Note: The 90 classroom hours must be completed before the 30 hours of field training can begin. This is where DONALDSON and our legendary Customer Service Representatives will make the process quick and easy, take care of the details, and make sure you get a license efficiently and comfortably. DONALDSON offers the best courses available anywhere, period. Our textbooks and class materials are up to date and the best in the industry. Our instructors are well-qualified and know what you need to pass the exam.  We are the education experts!

The Home Inspector’s licensing program consists of 90 clock hours to fulfill the educational requirement. Included with your course are the following textbooks (classroom only):

Principles of Home Inspection: Systems & Standards

No matter how long it has been since you have been in the classroom, you can be assured DONALDSON Courses will be lively, fun, informative – and most important of all – right on target to make sure you achieve your goal – A Home Inspector License!