DONALDSON is the only name you need to know in Insurance Licensing Education! We are licensed by the Louisiana Department of Insurance and have been successfully training insurance licensees for over 10 years!

In order to sell insurance in Louisiana, a person must obtain a license from the Louisiana Department of Insurance.  The Property and Casualty Producer License allows you to sell auto and homeowner’s insurance, workman’s compensation, as well as commercial property and liability coverage. 
Applicants are required to attend 40 hours of pre-license education, apply to PSI for a license, and pass the licensing examination.  This is where DONALDSON and our legendary Customer Service Representatives will make the process quick and easy, takes care of the details, and make sure you get licensed in as short a time period as possible.


Step 1: Register for your classroom or online Property & Casualty Pre-Licensing Course

Refer to our Course Schedule at the top of this page. Or, you may register by calling one of our Customer Service Representatives at 456-1785 in the Greater New Orleans Area or Toll Free at 1-800-257-2741 for any one of our classes.

2. Submit your license application online at If the license you wish to obtain requires you to take an exam, submit your registration form and fees to PSI. If the license you wish to obtain does not require you to take an exam or you are otherwise exempt from examination, contact the LDI for more information.
3. Contact PSI to schedule an exam and fingerprinting appointment.
4. Study for your exam using the skills and materials presented in your Donaldson pre-license course. Make sure to study the PSI test outline as it serves as a guide for the information which will be included on the test you are taking.
5. Take the scheduled exam bringing required identification to the test center. You will receive your results immediately after the exam.
6. Once you pass your exam, have your fingerprints scanned at a PSI test center. After the Department evaluates the fingerprint results and authorizes the issuance of your license, PSI will produce, print and mail your license to you.

Property & Casualty Pre-License Courses

Below is a list of the upcoming classes being taught at one of our locations, virtually, or online.

More classes coming soon.