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Unlock the Secrets of Mortgage Loan Originating Course Outline

Excellent. So Valuable I would have paid more for it. Far exceeded my expectations. Provided enough knowledge to help you jumpstart into the business and stay out of trouble.” C. V.

“I’ve been a professional for 10 years and have done a lot of CE courses. Kirk LoCicero is one of the best instructors I’ve had. I stayed on the edge of my chair, interested in the material.” D. T.

I loved it! the best mortgage course I ever attended! I actually learned something because the process was presented step by step. Easily understandable.” W. B.

Learn from an Experienced Loan Originator.

Kirk J. LoCicero is a career advertising agency executive. He has spent over thirty years in the industry as an award-winning writer, producer and account supervisor. He is a Louisiana certified mortgage instructor, licensed REALTOR®, and certified real estate instructor. His seminars in mortgage and real estate have received wide critical acclaim.

It was lively with great instruction. I learned more about the business than I expected! having an experienced person who has a great teaching style. The instructor was very articulate! he knew his business!” G. K.

“Well planned. Informative. I left with confidence, ready to enter the mortgage world.” N. R.

Topics Include:

Day One


Mortgage Industry Overview

Current Trends

Home Buyers & Their Real Estate Agents

Wholesale Mortgage Lenders

The Aging Population

How You are Compensated as a Mortgage Loan Originator

Origination Points

Perfect Credit Borrowers Almost Never Pay Origination Points

Less Than Perfect Credit Borrowers Always Pay Origination Points

Lending Basics

The Importance of the Pre-Qualification

Acquiring Leads

The Loan Process Overview

Anatomy of A Mortgage Loan

The Purchase Transaction

The Loan Application (1003)

Quick List of Most Common Documents Required

Disclosure Documents

Mortgage Loan Origination Agreement (MLOA)

Good Faith Estimate (GFE)

Truth In Lending (TIL)

Right To Receive Appraisal

Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA)

Notice Of Action Taken

Affiliated Business Arrangement

Notice of Transfer Servicing

Cost Settlement Booklet

Borrower’s Certification & Authorization

HUD/HUD 1A Settlement Statement

Credit Reports

Credit History/Credit Obligations

Crunching The Numbers

Credit Scoring

Credit Scoring By Percentages

Payment History

Amount of Credit History

Debt Balance vs. High Credit Limit

Types of Trade Lines


Advising Your Borrower

Analyzing Credit

Identity Theft

The Modern Thief

Prevention Tips

Passwords & PINS

Mailbox Theft

Dumpster Diving

Shoulder Surfers

If You Are Victimized

Fraud Alerts

Credit Repository Hotlines

Social Security Administration Fraud Line

Police Reporting

The Future of Identity Theft




CarderPlanet & DarkProfits

Qualifying Ratios

Primary Housing Expense

Total Obligations

Front End Ratios

Calculating Front End Ratios

The Jones Loan

Back End Ratios

Calculating Back End Ratios

The Bonnie Situation Part I & Part II

Understanding the Lender Rate Sheet

Pricing The Loan

Fixed Rate Products

Conforming Programs

Jumbo Programs

Government Programs

Conforming ARMs

6-Month Treasury

1-Year Treasury

1-Year LIBOR

Non-Conforming ARMs

Alt A Programs

Alt A Program Pricing Matrix

Conforming Rate Price Adjustments

Expanded Approvals

FHLMC A-Minus Programs

NINA Programs

SIVA Programs

Loan Size Adjustors-Government

Loan Size Adjustors-Conventional

Extension Policy

Bulletin Board/Notes

Section 32

Generating The Good Faith Estimate

Three C’s of Underwriting

Credit Scores

Payment Histories/Deficiencies




Mortgage Late Payments




Full Doc or Stated

Employment History

Options To Consider

Occupancy Status

Loan To Value (LTV)

Qualifying Ratio (QR)

No Credit

Insufficient Trade Lines

Letters of Explanation

Point Program (CALYX)

Uniform Transmittal Summary

Point-Generated GFE/TIL

Selecting The Appropriate Lending Program

Fully Serviced Loans

Secondary Market Transactions

Day Two

FHA Loans

FHA Allowable Costs

FHA Required Docs


VA Loans

No Income Loans

No Qualifying Ratio (QR) Loans

Self-Employed Borrowers

Foreign Nationals

Non-Conforming B/C Loans

Business Types


S Corporations

C Corporations

P & L Statements

Tax Returns


S-Corp Tax Returns

C-Corp Tax Returns

Additional Income Sources

Schedule C

Schedule D

Schedule E

Schedule F

Retirement Income

Trust Income

Social Security Income

VA Benefit Income

Unemployment/Welfare Income

Alimony Child Support

Notes Receivable

Rental Income

Loan Scenarios



Target Marketing

Human Behavior vs. Human Nature

What Motivates People




The Urgent Need

Thought Leadership

Running The Show

The Real Estate Agent’s Urgent Need

Where do you find Home Sellers and Homebuyers?

Tell People

Outside In Thinking

Introducing Yourself

Creating Credibility By Becoming Number One

The Public Library

Systemize Your Library Marketing Efforts

Expanding Your Area of Influence

Business Owners; Personnel Directors

Establish Credibility Through Expertise

Your Local Bank

Divorce Attorneys

Financial Planners

For Sale By Owners (FSBO’s)



Strategic Partnerships

Appraisers, Title Companies, Home Inspectors

Local Churches & Synagogues

To Deliver or Not To Deliver

Paid Media Advertising

Selecting The Right Broker

High-Powered Shops; Intermediate Shops

Heavily Advertised Shops


The Origination Conundrum

The Processor’s Proposal

Do You Approve?

Parting Thoughts

Learning Through The Experience of Others

When All You Have Is A Hammer, Every Problem Looks Like A Nail

Everyone Wants To Feel Safe

Selling Is Helping

Documents Package

Pre-Qualification Letter

Listing Agreements; Purchase Agreement; Residential Lease

Loan Application (1003)

Mortgage Loan Origination Agreement (MLOA)

Truth In Lending (TIL)

Good Faith Estimate (GFE)

Right To Receive Appraisal

Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA)

Right of Rescissions (Broker/Lender)

Notice Of Action Taken (Broker/Lender)

Affiliated Business Arrangement

Servicing Transfer Disclosure

Quality Control Disclosure

HUD Booklet Disclosure

Lock Option Disclosure

Cost Settlement Booklet

Borrower’s Authorization

Request for Transcript of Tax Return (4506)

Flood Disclosures

Privacy Disclosures

HUD 1 Purchase; HUD 1 Refinance

Credit Report

Jones 1003; Jones GFE; Jones TIL

Jones Uniform Transmittal Summary (1008)

Tax Millages

Lender Rate Sheets

FHA Disclosures

VA Disclosures

Tax Returns

Loan Package Purchase; Loan Package Refinance

Registration / Information

Greater New Orleans Area (504) 456-1785

Statewide Toll Free 1-800-257-2741

Fax 24-hours (504) 456-1789

Fax Toll Free 24-hours 1-877-456-1789