How to Obtain a Mississippi Real Estate License

Please review the following information on obtaining a Mississippi real estate license. Mississippi state laws stipulate that a person may not act as a real estate salesperson or broker without first obtaining a license issued by the Mississippi Real Estate Commission. To become licensed, you must pass a real estate examination to confirm that you have attained a minimum level of knowledge regarding the principles, practices, statutes, and regulations relating to real estate.



Mississippi Real Estate License (Resident Salesperson)

  • Salesperson applicant must be a resident of Mississippi when applicant is submitted and 18 years of age or older
  • Sixty (60) hours of real estate courses from an approved pre-license education provider. To begin your real estate course, CLICK HERE
  • In order to apply for licensure, one should complete the license application and return it to the Mississippi Real Estate Commission. A certificate of completion from your real estate school and the proper fee must accompany the application. In addition, two photographs should be attached to the application. After the MREC as approved your real estate license application, you will be notified of the date and time that you are scheduled for testing.

Mississippi Real Estate License (Resident Broker)

  • Broker applicant must be a resident of Mississippi when application is submitted and 21 years of age or older
  • An active sales license for twelve (12) months immediately preceding license application
  • 120 hours of real estate courses from a Mississippi approved pre-license education provider.
    • Without one year’s experience, 150 hours of classroom real estate courses that are part of a degree granting program from a college/community college would be required

License Reciprocity

If you are currently licensed in a state which has an active reciprocal agreement with Mississippi, you may be exempt from certain testing and education requirements. If you are applying for a nonresident reciprocal license, then a current Certification of Licensure from the Licensing Authority in your home state must accompany your license application. You will also need to supply a proof of Errors & Omissions insurance coverage that includes coverage for Mississippi real estate transactions.

Applicants holding an active license in another state may be able to use real estate education obtained from providers who are not actually approved by Mississippi if the state that has issued their real estate license has also approved both the applicant’s real estate courses and the education provider for pre-licensing credit and a current reciprocal agreement is in force between that state and the state of Mississippi.

Real Estate Examination

The Mississippi Real Estate Commission contracts with a testing service provider (PSI) in order to administer the real estate license exam. PSI works closely with the state of Mississippi in order to be certain that the examinations meet local as well as national requirements.  Upon approval of eligibility, you will be responsible for contacting PSI to schedule an appointment to take the examination.

Application and Testing Fees

  • The license application fee due to the MREC for a real estate salesperson is $120.00
  • The license application fee due to the MREC for a real estate broker is $150.00
  • The examination fee due to the testing service (PSI) is $75.00

Real Estate License Forms, Applications, and Other Information

For a complete reference of all forms and related documents needed to apply for a Mississippi real estate license, please visit the MREC website here.