Requirements to Become a Notary

How to Obtain a Notary Commission

From the Secretary of State:

Any resident citizen or alien of the state, eighteen years of age or older, may be appointed a notary public in and for the parish in which he resides provided that he meets the requirements established by law, La.R.S.35:191(C).

Notary applicants must be qualified by the office of the Secretary of State and must take and pass the state notary examination unless they are licensed to practice law in Louisiana. The examination is given twice a year on the first Saturday in June and December.

Notary Public Initial Appointment Requirements

To become an applicant, you are required to complete an Application to Qualify. To qualify, you must:

  • be registered to vote in the parish in which you seek commission;
  • be a resident citizen or alien of this state;
  • not have been convicted of a felony and not been pardoned;
  • be able to read, write, speak and be sufficiently knowledgeable of the English language;
  • be 18 years of age or older; and
  • hold a high school diploma, a diploma for completion of a home study program approved by the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education or a high school equivalency diploma issued after successfully completing the test of General Educational Development.

The Notary Initial Appointment Process:
A Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Register for Notary Course 101

Refer to our Course Schedule on the top of this page. You may register by calling one of our Customer Service Representatives at 456-1785 in the Greater New Orleans Area or Toll Free at 1-800-257-2741. Payment is not due until the first class session.

Step 2: Submit an Application to be appointed as a notary public to the appropriate district court together with a certificate establishing age and residence.

We give you the Application in Class and share with you how to fill it out, where to send it, and when it is due.

Step 3: Apply to take the Examination

Application to take the examination must be filed with the district court no later than thirty days prior to the date as fixed for such examination.

Step 4: Attend the Notary Exam Prep Course (Optional)

Your chances of passing the test increase dramatically by taking this course. Our professionals will “fine tune” your learning just before you take the examination and make sure you are ready. Our goal in this course is to make sure you pass the examination the first time.

Step 5 Submit the following to the Secretary of State:

  1. The Certificate from the Court that you have been found competent and possess the necessary qualifications to be appointed to the office. (In other words, you have passed the examination.)
  2. The Oath of Office Document
  3. A Bond in the amount of $5,000. (This will cost you approximately $250 for a 5 year Bond.). In lieu of a bond you may provide the Secretary of State a Notarized Affidavit for $5,000 in assets that are clear of liens.