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In Their Own Words

Below is real praise gathered from our students about Chris Donaldson and our instructors:

“[The instructor] did an outstanding job across the board. She was very professional and displayed a high level of knowledge.”

“Awesome!! Chris was so knowledgeable I loved it!”

“Awesome class. I am so ready to pass my test!”

“Great class. The instructor was really into letting the class know how the business really works.”

“[Chris Donaldson is] a great teacher – so full of knowledge. I would take any course offered by Donaldson!”

“Chris did a great job. Had great information and kept my attention – wish he would come back and teach other classes!”

“More interactive than typical instructors, he was informative, hilarious, and gave real-life examples.”

“In my 20+ years as an agent, I have never been so engaged for a continuing education class. Chris knows how to deliver the material. I’d be happy if he were the instructor for all of my continuing education classes.”

“Very good instructor, easy to understand and follow along.”

“The instructor was lively and related the textbook information to real life events which made it easier to understand. Enjoyable.”

“All I can say is Chris is AWESOME! I have been up since 2:30 am to bring my husband to the airport – never fell asleep once. The information he provided was excellent!”

“Class was more interesting than I thought; the instructor was enthusiastic about teaching the course.”

“The information and the speaker were awesome. I was the opposite of bored – he’s an animated speaker I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

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