Is it Possible to Get a Real Estate License Over the Summer?

Is it possible to get your real estate license over the Summer? Here is your answer! Is it Possible to Get a Real Estate License Over Summer?   We associate summertime with relaxing vacations; however, sometimes the summer is a great opportunity to take things to the next level. When I was attending Louisiana State University back in the early 2000's, I tapped into the summer semesters to graduate sooner. The professional world alike has systems in place for aspiring men and women to advance in their careers over the summer. Real estate education opportunities are among these options. So, could you do it? Are you busy updating and optimizing your real estate website? Could you muscle through one summer and emerge as a Realtor in the fall?  Can You Get Your License Over the Summer Months? Short, conditional answer is yes, but, as in most cases, opportunity is coupled with responsibility and plausibility and each state has unique requirements. The level of responsibility to prepare, however, will vary from person to person. Passing the real estate exam is [...]

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Donaldson Digest – Dual Agency Banned and Flood Insurance on the Brink

The Donaldson Digest - News and Notes for Industry Pros   Canada Bans Dual Agency in Real Estate Transactions   On June 15th,  the Real Estate Council of British Columbia banned the practice of “dual agency” (also known as “double ending”) in order to ensure that real estate agents serve their clients without any potential conflicts of interest. In Canada, dual agency means that an agent can represent both the buyer and the seller in the same transaction. However, in the United States, “dual agency” often refers to a transaction involving two agents of the same company, not necessarily one agent representing both sides of the aisle. British Columbia’s Superintendent of Real Estate, Michael Noseworthy, said to Realtor Magazine: “These changes have been designed to reinforce a real estate agent’s duties and obligations to their clients and to ensure that agents are always acting in their client’s best interests. We want to make sure that the advice consumers receive is solely for their benefit and that consumers have confidence that their agent is undoubtedly on their side.” The ban applies [...]

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Complete your Continuing Education Needed for LREC License Renewal Early and Save!

Don't get caught up in the end of year rush trying to complete your LREC license renewal and continuing education last minute. No, not this year! Take advantage of our limited time offer to sign up for all 12 hours, including the 2018 LREC mandatory topic, for the lowest tuition available all year! Registration special ends on May 18, so take advantage and beat the rush!  ALL 12 HOURS OF LOUISIANA CE - at a special introductory price - available exclusively to you for a limited time. What are the LREC License Renewal Education Requirements This Year? In accordance with the License Law, the annual continuing education requirement is twelve (12) hours. Four (4) of these hours must be completed in the mandatory topic specified by the commission each year. For 2018, the LREC mandatory topic is "Real Estate Best Practices." Other renewal requirements can be found in completion on the continuing education page on our website, or you can also click here to see the complete list of requirements on the LREC's webpage. As a reminder, all continuing education hours must [...]

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Obtain And Maintain Flood Insurance

Maintaining Flood Insurance As a result of flooding events over the past several years, many families and communities are all too familiar with the concept of flooding in Louisiana and homeowners insurance. One important element that we would like to cover in this article is the "obtain and maintain" insurance requirements for property owners that receive federal financial disaster assistance. The included information here benefits all interested parties, including real estate professionals and consumers. If you or someone you know has ever received federal disaster assistance as a result of a flooding event, then the information included here is important to pass along. As a real estate professional, we have included a sample PDF disclosure at the end of this article which may be considered for inclusion in listing packets and other related brokerage documents. The Importance of Flood Insurance Floods are the nation’s most common and costly natural disaster and cause millions of dollars in damage every year. As many Americans have discovered in recent years, homeowners or renters insurance will not typically cover flood damage. Flood insurance can be overlooked [...]

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Broker Mandatory Dates Added Across Louisiana

The broker mandatory course is a unique one-time requirement for all licensed Louisiana real estate brokers. In addition to the normal mandatory continuing education course, Brokers also have a unique broker mandatory course in 2017. This course must be completed in order to renew a broker license for 2018. This one-time requirement is also must be taken in a live classroom format. Online or similar courses will not be allowed for the broker mandatory. Therefore, it is important to locate and complete a broker mandatory course before the typical December 31 license renewal deadline. The LREC still requires the same 12 hours of continuing education for renewal for all Louisiana licensees. Licensed salespersons can choose to take the broker mandatory course as an elective, but it will not replace the 2017 mandatory course on insurance and contract timelines. Donaldson Adds Broker Mandatory Sections In order to better serve our Louisiana broker licensees, we here at Donaldson Real Estate School have committed to schedule and hold as many broker mandatory courses as possible. Since this course is required to be taken live [...]

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Inclement Weather Update

Weather Update: Here at Donaldson, we do our absolute best to make sure our classes go on as scheduled. However, we all know the reality of the threat inclement weather poses when you live on the Gulf Coast. Above all, we value our students' safety, as well as the safety of our staff. Due to Tropical Storm/Hurricane Nate, we will be rescheduling our Monday, October 9th, 2017 Real Estate Pre-License courses for later in the week. The good news is that, based on the path and speed of the storm, it appears the weather will not last very long. We will therefore be rescheduling our Monday, October 9th class to take place on Tuesday, October 10th. All 2 and 6 week classes in Metairie will be pushed backward one day: Tuesday, October 10th's class will be held Wednesday, October 11th Wednesday, October 11th's class will be held Thursday, October 12th Thursday's October 12th class will be held Friday, October 13th The Friday, October 13th Math Lab has also been rescheduled for the following Monday, October 16th. Baton Rouge and Mandeville's 8 week [...]

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New Law Makes Practicing Real Estate without a License a Crime

  New Law Makes Practicing without a License a Crime A new real estate law in Louisiana strengthens the penalties for unlawful real estate activities. This new real estate law makes it a misdemeanor for anyone practicing without a real estate license. Furthermore, it strengthens certain requirements for out of state licensees or brokers who wish to work or practice in Louisiana. An out-of-state licensee will need to either become licensed in Louisiana or work with a licensed broker in Louisiana. The new real estate law takes effect on August 1, 2017. Who Needs a Real Estate License? In the state of Louisiana, the current real estate law regarding licensing states: "Real estate activity" means any activity relating to any portion of a real estate transaction performed for another by any person, partnership, limited liability company, association, or corporation, foreign or domestic, whether pursuant to a power of attorney or otherwise, who for a fee, commission, or other valuable consideration or with the intention, in the expectation, or upon the promise of receiving or collecting a fee, commission, or other [...]

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Advertising Fines Raised on Real Estate Agents

Advertising Fines Raised on Lousiana Real Estate Agents A big change is coming for real estate licensees in Louisiana as the LREC has adopted new policy concerning advertising violations. The advertising fines are being raised, and real estate brokers will need to pay closer attention to their agents. If you have a real estate license in Louisiana, you need to read this article! Important keys to take from this article: Advertising fines are being raised for violations in Louisiana Real Estate Brokers will have to match the fines levied on their sales staff New policy to be enforced beginning June 1, 2017 Brokers and agents should review advertising guidelines as part of regular risk management plan A free downloadable guide is available at the end of this post Louisiana Real Estate Commission Raising Advertising Fines for Violations A big change is coming for real estate licensees in Louisiana as the LREC has adopted new policy concerning advertising violations. If you have a real estate license in Louisiana, you need to read this article! However, before we get into the changes, let's refresh ourselves as to the current [...]

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Pass Your Real Estate Exam and Get Your License

  How to Pass Your Real Estate Exam and Get Your License In my last post (which you can read here ) I detailed what I call the top reasons people fail the real estate exam. In that post certain behaviors and "strategies" - I'll use that term loosely - were discussed that I see all the time in exam applicants who fail. Now, let's accentuate the positive and give you some insights on how to PASS your real estate exam. For years our real estate school has lauded our passing rates and student success as one of our many marketing points for people to attend our programs. Sure, it has been good business, but it is also true! In fact, we even offer to pay the retake fees for certain students who manage not to pass their exam the first time. It would seem ridiculous, unless we had a strategy that worked. If you want to pass your real estate exam, here are 5 things you should do starting right now: 1.  Develop proper study habits I know, no one [...]

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5 Reasons People Fail the Real Estate Exam

Top 5 Reasons For Failing The Real Estate Exam   In my more than 15 years preparing folks for the real estate licensing exam, I have pretty much seen it all. One of the wonderful things about what we get to do every day is meet people from all walks of life, all educational levels, with varying backgrounds and understanding of the real estate business as a whole. “Nothing worth doing is easy” - anonymous Due to this wide swath demographically, you also see many different “styles” of test preparation and study planning. For instance, you’ll see students who want to pass the exam and get their license so bad they will literally do whatever it takes (you should see my email inbox!). For many of these, effort and planning is not necessarily a problem. And then you have the habitual test taker, the time waster, the individual that I cannot for the life of me figure out what exactly it is they are trying to accomplish. Success or Failure? You have an option If you don’t know, a real [...]

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