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Is it possible to get your real estate license over the Summer? Here is your answer!

Can You Earn a Real Estate License Over 1 Summer?

We associate summertime with relaxing vacations; however, sometimes the summer is a great opportunity to take things to the next level. When I was attending Louisiana State University back in the early 2000’s, I tapped into the summer semesters to graduate sooner. The professional world alike has systems in place for aspiring men and women to advance in their careers over the summer. Real estate education opportunities are among these options.

So, could you do it? Are you busy updating and optimizing your real estate website?

Could you muscle through one summer and emerge as a Realtor in the fall?

Can You Get Your License Over the Summer Months?

Short, conditional answer is yes, but, as in most cases, opportunity is coupled with responsibility and plausibility and each state has unique requirements. The level of responsibility to prepare, however, will vary from person to person. Passing the real estate exam is the ultimate goal, and ample preparation is required to pass it. All states require pre-license coursework in addition to passing the exam, and this educational requirement wildly varies nationwide. Although you can sell your own property, practicing real estate without a license is a crime.

Texas requires 210 hours of coursework while Massachusetts only requires 24 hours. So, it may not be plausible depending on which state you intend to be licensed. You can review a concise breakdown of each state’s requirements in this article.


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Becoming a real estate agent can be a financially beneficial and rewarding career.

Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama Requirements for a License

Louisiana requires 90 hours of real estate education before obtaining a salesperson certification, and the Louisiana Real Estate Commission has an excellent website if you are looking to practice in Sportsman’s Paradise. It has a checklist, and all requirements to obtain a salesperson’s license. They also provide a thorough list of approved real estate schools.

If you want to become a real estate broker, you will need to complete 150 hours of education. On the other hand, to get a real estate license in Mississippi only requires 60 hours of salesperson education and 120 hours for brokers. There also seems to be a residential requirement as well, so you should contact the Mississippi Real Estate Commission if that applies to you.

Alabama requires 60 hours for both salesperson and broker licenses, but criminal history and ethical practice are bigger factors among the typical coursework and examinations. Alabama Real Estate Commission provides all that information on their website.

That Seems Like a Lot of Schooling

Ninety hours of education? That sounds overwhelming, right? Heck, I have a M.A. and a B.A. in English, and I don’t have that many English credits. Reality is, folks, that one course is really all you need to be eligible to take and pass the real estate exam. The “hours” in this case actually are clocked in hours that you spend in the classroom or taking your online course, unlike in college where you would only get 1 “hour” credit for a three-hour Biology Lab class.

Get Your Real Estate License

As your preferred real estate school, Donaldson Educational Services offers both traditional classes and online courses which fulfill the 90-hour requirement that you need to take the next step. Online courses are available for 1 month, 3 month, and 6 month durations, and you would have a subscription for that period, which allows you to work at your own pace.

If you prefer the classroom experience, real estate courses are available in different intervals as well. Surely, the shorter the course, the more time-intensive it will be. That’s where the responsibility comes in. If you are having trouble, a real estate coach may be able to help!

So, figure out what your state requires of you (coursework and beyond), find a course provider and register for a class. The rest is up to you. Godspeed!