Real Estate 203 – Broker Responsibility Course

Donaldson’s real estate broker course is ALL NEW and updated for 2016. If you are looking to achieve a real estate broker’s license, this is the course you need to take. For most state regulators, this course will serve as a part of the overall licensing requirement to become a real estate broker. (For Louisiana’s full real estate broker course requirements click HERE). Remember, in order to be licensed as a real estate broker you will need experience first as a real estate salesperson.

The LREC Changed the real estate broker course requirements effective January 1, 2016

If you wish to apply for a real estate broker’s license in 2016 and beyond, your program must include a newly updated broker responsibility course which meets the LREC’s new requirements. Donaldson’s all new course was developed specifically for this requirement, and will satisfy educational requirements along with the rest of the 150 hours needed to apply for a broker’s license.

What you will learn in Donaldson’s real estate broker course

As a part of your real estate broker course, we understand that there are not only regulatory requirements that need to be met but also very important topics a broker needs to know. In Louisiana, as with many other states, real estate brokers have a different set of responsibilities above and apart from a real estate salesperson. In Donaldson’s all new real estate broker course, we cover both the required information but also useful and practical information for new real estate brokers such as:

  • The history and evolution of real estate brokerage
  • How to identify and manage risk in your brokerage
  • Important elements related to hiring, staffing, and training new personnel
  • Legal requirements and licensing issues that all brokers should know
  • Detailed reviews and updates on critical real estate contract issues
  • Review of important mandatory disclosures and how to use and train others to use them
  • Modern real estate financial concepts to keep you ahead of the game
  • Updated industry trends on advertising, technology, fair housing, anti trust, and much more!

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