Mortgage Continuing Education

The end of the year brings all types of events: Family, Religious, Festivals, Fairs, and Mortgage Continuing Education Deadlines.  That’s right, in the mix of all the fun, do not forget about completing your mortgage CE, continuing education.

Now, no one likes to do continuing education, but given that it is mandatory each year, being educated on Mortgage CE is also a must.   As mortgage professionals staying up to date on the latest news, trends and policies is a daily educational task.  So, taking 8 hours (for most states) out of the 2080 standard working hours in a year should also be viewed as an opportunity to increase your knowledge.

Mortgage CE Requirements

Knowing what your state requirements are for yearly mandatory continuing education is a great place to start.  The majority of Mortgage Loan Originators, MLO’s, will have 8 hours of CE with the one stipulation that you may not repeat the same course 2 years in a row.  However, 22 states have additional requirements anywhere from 1 to 3 hours (check the list here).  The SAFE Act that requires MLO’s to take the continuing education has broken the hours up into the following:

  • 3 hours of Federal law and regulations
  • 2 hours of ethics that shall include instruction on fraud, consumer protection, and fair lending issues
  • 2 hours of training related to lending standards for the nontraditional mortgage product market
  • 1 hour of undefined instruction on mortgage origination

Great, you know what to do!  When is your CE due?

Again, states vary.  While most follow the calendar year, 11 states or US Territories do not allow you to cram on New Year’s Eve.  But don’t worry Donaldson Education has done the research for you, and we have the list here:


  • Georgia – October 31
  • Washington DC – November 1
  • Kentucky – November 30
  • West Virginia – November 30
  • Idaho – December 1
  • Iowa – December 1
  • Kansas – December 1
  • Vermont – December 1
  • Puerto Rico – December 1
  • Utah (DRE) – December 15
  • Washington – December 15


Okay, okay… you know what to do.  You when to do it.  But where do you get it done?  The NMLS has an approved list of providers on their website.  Donaldson Educational Services is among the providers on that list.  We offer in-class courses throughout Louisiana taught by industry professionals that practice every day and share their knowledge with our students.  The best option is our proprietary online course which is approved national and can be taken on your schedule, at your leisure, 24/7.