Donaldson Educational Services, you real estate school,  provides the most technically advanced Online Real Estate Courses in the country.  We have invested heavily in our virtual learning system, so you can get the same great educational experience whether you are physically in our classroom or sitting behind your personal computer.

Two Ways to Take Online Classes

Self-Paced or On Demand

With a self-study on demand course, you’ll receive maximum flexibility in when and where you learn. With a self-paced online course, there are no required class meetings, no assigned lecture times, everything is done on your schedule at the pace you choose.

Imagine taking everything you want in a single course and loading it onto a readily available site with your own personal login account. Depending on the online classes you’re taking, you’ll have access to videos, audio, recorded lectures,  exercises and games, PDF textbooks, and of course loads of practice exams and questions. All of this available at your fingertips, on your schedule. 

Usually, if your self-study course is for credits, there will be a series of completion benchmarks set up for each learner. This might be a series of quizzes, exercises, or it might be as simple as making sure you watched a video.  Regardless of how your completion is measured, you go at your own pace.   

Want to finish your program faster? Go right ahead! Do you desire to slow down and break up your course into smaller chunks, even better! Finish fast or take it slow, the choice is completely up to you!  Login when you want, where you want, and complete your course your way. PC or Mac, tablet or smartphone, our online course platform is built to work. If you desire maximum flexibility with your learning experience, this is the option for you!

Virtual Campus Learning or Live Streamed Instruction

If you are the type of learner that desires the flexibility online learning provides, but also still needs that real-time interaction with an instructor, then our virtual campus option is for you.

With Donaldson’s online real estate options, you’ll receive all of the benefits of a self-paced learning experience combined with live meetings with your instructor.  You’ll still have a dedicated online account with access to all of the course elements as with a self-paced course.  However, your learning experience will be further enhanced by adding live streamed sessions with one of our amazing instructors. 

That’s right, all of the benefits and flexibility of self-paced PLUS live meetings with an instructor. Raise your hand and ask a question or chat with your fellow classmates. Just the same if it is more your style to sit back and take notes as your instructor offers their expert guidance on the topic at hand, have at it! You now have an expert available to help you in real-time. 

How Do I Know Which is Right for Me?

If you have never taken an online course before, don’t worry. Our dedicated team of customer experience fanatics will guide you as much, or little, as you choose! In addition, Donaldson is always designed with flexibility in mind. For instance, if you choose self-paced online and decide you’d like to have the live instructor sessions we can make the switch. Whatever you need, we are here for you. 

Enrolling in online courses is as simple as clicking here and choosing the course you want. However, never hesitate to contact our team directly to register or ask your questions. Everyone at Donaldson stands ready to help you, as much or as little as you want! 


Whether you are looking at becoming a REALTOR or your need to complete your real estate continuing education we have the online classes you need.  In addition to education for real estate agents and brokers, we also offer online education for home inspection certification as well as mortgage lender CE, appraisal, insurance and more.  Our online learning system includes streaming audio lectures which are accessible from any device, even your smartphone.  With tons of engaging content to help you learn and practices quizzes to help you succeed, we guarantee that you won’t be bored using our online courses.

Real Estate Pre-License Online Courses

Below is a list of our online courses. To sign up, visit our store or click on a link below to register for that specific course!

Real Estate 90 Hour Salesperson Course – 30 Day Access


Real Estate 90 Hour Salesperson Course – 90 Day Access


Real Estate 90 Hour Salesperson Course – 180 Day Access


Real Estate
90 Hour Salesperson Course
30 Day access

Real Estate
90 Hour Salesperson Course

90 Day access

Real Estate
90 Hour Salesperson Course

180 Day access


Although Donaldson’s enrollment and learning system is sophisticated, it is very easy to use and navigate.  With only a few clicks you will create your online account and we will email you with your personalized login instructions.  Upon receipt of your credentials, you can start your online real estate training immediately.  The entire process from registration to actually taking your online course takes only minutes and  you can register and begin a course on your terms.  All of the classes that you take are stored on our cloud servers and your records are always kept confidential.

Real Estate Online Courses


We have live, in person classes available at all of our campuses in Metairie LA, Baton Rouge LA, Mandeville LA and Shreveport LA.

Donaldson brings the classroom to you!

Busy schedule? Juggling professional and personal responsibilities which leaves time for little else? Online classes may be just what you need. Donaldson has an extensive online campus which includes courses for pre-licensing, post-licensing, and continuing education. Our online courses are available 24/7 and you can start literally whenever you choose. Donaldson’s sophisticated enrollment system will create your online account and email you personalized login instructions right away, so you can register and begin a course on your terms.

Need more information? Simply email us at or click below to see our complete online course catalog.