Appraisal Continuing Education Opportunity – This Week!

Basic Appraisal Procedures - Appraisal Continuing Education CourseIf you are a licensed or certified real estate appraiser, you are likely well aware of your continuing education requirements. Depending on specific state requirements, there are educational hours due on a regular basis (yearly, every two years, etc.) that must be completed in order to renew your license. Appraisal continuing education is an important part of the job of the appraiser, and failing to complete these requirements can result in fines, suspensions, or even losing your license!Basic Appraisal Procedures - 28 Hours of Available Continuing EducationThis week, starting on Thursday March 3rd Donaldson Educational Services will be running an appraisal course which qualifies for either pre-license or continuing education credit. The course is fully AQB approved, and provides an excellent opportunity to interact with a real instructor and complete your continuing education in an engaging and interesting format. The topics covered in Basic Appraisal Procedures includes:Steps in the appraisal processDefining the appraisal problemThe scope of work in detailCollection of property dataProper data analysisReconciliation and final value estimatesThe appraisal reportAnd more!To Register:Call our [...]

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Real Estate Broker Course – All New

Real Estate 203 - Broker Responsibility Course Donaldson's real estate broker course is ALL NEW and updated for 2016. If you are looking to achieve a real estate broker's license, this is the course you need to take. For most state regulators, this course will serve as a part of the overall licensing requirement to become a real estate broker. (For Louisiana's full real estate broker course requirements click HERE). Remember, in order to be licensed as a real estate broker you will need experience first as a real estate salesperson. The LREC Changed the real estate broker course requirements effective January 1, 2016 If you wish to apply for a real estate broker's license in 2016 and beyond, your program must include a newly updated broker responsibility course which meets the LREC's new requirements. Donaldson's all new course was developed specifically for this requirement, and will satisfy educational requirements along with the rest of the 150 hours needed to apply for a broker's license. What you will learn in Donaldson's real estate broker course As a part of your [...]

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How to Get a Real Estate License

Common Questions Answered About Getting a Real Estate License   Here at Donaldson Educational Services, we field thousands of inquiries each year on how to get a real estate license and the various options one might have in accomplishing that goal. In this post, we hope to answer a few of the most commonly asked questions to help guide you in the right direction as you make the important decision to move into the world of real estate! How Many Hours Do I Need? Various states have certain educational requirements, so we will use our home state of Louisiana as a guide. In Louisiana, you need 90 hours of pre-license education in order to qualify for a real estate license. Therefore, the first step for all real estate hopefuls is real estate school here at Donaldson! These 90 hours must be from a certified educational provider in Louisiana, and you will have to complete a real estate licensing program in order to receive a course certificate. You can read more information on the licensing process here What Are My Options [...]

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License Prep Weekend

Real Estate License Prep Weekend To all of our real estate students who are fired up and ready to take their license exam, this weekend is usually the last major step before taking the test. Our license prep course is very popular and many students have pre-registered and are ready to go. For more information see the license prep page here

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