Common Questions Answered About Getting a Real Estate License


Here at Donaldson Educational Services, we field thousands of inquiries each year on how to get a real estate license and the various options one might have in accomplishing that goal. In this post, we hope to answer a few of the most commonly asked questions to help guide you in the right direction as you make the important decision to move into the world of real estate!

How Many Hours Do I Need?

Various states have certain educational requirements, so we will use our home state of Louisiana as a guide. In Louisiana, you need 90 hours of pre-license education in order to qualify for a real estate license. Therefore, the first step for all real estate hopefuls is real estate school here at Donaldson! These 90 hours must be from a certified educational provider in Louisiana, and you will have to complete a real estate licensing program in order to receive a course certificate. You can read more information on the licensing process here

What Are My Options for Real Estate School?


Easy! You can choose to take your real estate license education either in the classroom (traditional style) or with online courses (web courses). Here at Donaldson, we offer real estate licensing courses both ways and you can choose which method makes the most sense for you! To sign up for a real estate licensing course through Donaldson click here

How Does a Classroom Course Work?

Donaldson offers “traditional” classroom instruction for real estate license hopefuls, just like we have done for over 40 years. Basically, it is setup like any other class you have probably taken before. You’ll learn from our team of real estate experts to help build your foundation and help you learn the information needed to pass the license exam. Since our instructors are experienced and well-trained, everything we do in the classroom is built around you the student. Nothing about what we do here matters more than your success, therefore the easy part is just signing up! Once you do that, we will take care of everything for you.

Our classes are offered full-time during the day, part-time during the day, and of course evening classes for busy working adults as well. The choice is really up to you, and we can even custom-build a classroom real estate program just for you.

How Does An Online Course Work?

In modern education, the demand for online learning is growing exponentially. Whether it be for convenience, preference, or simply because some learners prefer to study in the comfort of their own home – online real estate courses are a popular option as well. Donaldson’s online courses are setup to provide a vivid learning experience for those who want to learn from an instructor just like being in the classroom, except it is all online and at your fingertips. So whether you are new to online learning, or this is something you have done before – you will find Donaldson’s online real estate courses to be the best in the industry.

Remember, it is all about the certification hours! Therefore, you can take your online course at your own pace and finish as fast as you want to take more time if you need. The choice is completely yours, which is why we offer our online courses as subscriptions giving online learners tremendous options in how long they choose to enroll in their real estate program. Remember, at the end of the day everything here at Donaldson is setup with YOU in mind – our online courses are no exception.

Take a look at our YouTube Video on our online courses by clicking here: YouTube Video

Where Can I Get More Information?

If you want more information from our professional and courteous student on-boarding specialists, here is how you can find out more:

Call Us at 1-800-257-2741

Email our staff directly

Visit our headquarters in Metairie here

or browse our website for tons of information and details on everything you need to know to get started in real estate and get that real estate license!