Emergency Rule 38 – Temporary Licensing of Certain Insurance Producers

The Louisiana Department of Insurance has announced a new Emergency Rule regarding insurance licensing. Due to the Governor’s stay at home orders, the ability for new applicants to complete the licensing process such as sit for an insurance exam is not currently possible.

In order to address this concern, the Emergency Rule establishes a few key temporary measures:

  • Any individual who has completed a Louisiana approved insurance pre-licensing course and would normally be eligible to sit for an insurance exam may request the issuance of a temporary license
  • Such individuals must have completed a Louisiana approved pre-licensing course within the 12 months prior to making an application for a temporary license
  • All temporary licenses issued pursuant to this Emergency Rule will expire on May 15, 2020
  • Any temporary license issued pursuant to this Rule will have the option to convert to a permanent license by completing the additional required licensing requirements such as sitting for an insurance exam and submission of fingerprints

For the full text and scope of the Emergency Rule is available on the Louisiana Department of Insurance’s Website here.

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